1st Matchborough Cubs

The 1st Matchborough Cub Scouts are the second section of our group and is open to both girls and boys aged 8-10½. The pack is led by the Cub Scout Leader (CSL), currently assisted by two Assistant Cub Scout Leaders (ACSL), two sectional Leaders (SA) and two helpers. Our normal meeting place is the Scout Headquarters next to the Arrow Vale Sports and Leisure Centre in Redditch on a Tuesday evening from 6pm till 7:30pm.


1st Matchborough Cubs


There are loads of fun things you can do as a 1st Matchbourogh Cub Scout - including camping, playing games, exploring the great outdoors,
adventure activities – such as climbing, sailing and archery, mixing with people from your local community, learning new skills and keeping themselves and others safe.


Participation is rewarded with activity badges which can be worn on the uniform. Badges can also form the basis for special events geared at the whole group working together – such as camp trips or specialist activity centres, these are the most memorable events of the year as they give the Cub Scouts a chance to try out different activities that are not possible at our regular weekly meetings and usually take place over the course of a weekend.


1st Machborough Cub Scouts


All the adults your child will come in contact with during his/her time in Scouting has been through a formal vetting process to ensure their suitability to work with young people. The leaders take part in a comprehensive training programme including First Aid Training.


Whilst we try to keep the cost to a minimum (all leaders are volunteers) there is a weekly membership subscription, with the current subscription for Cubs at £3 per night. If you son or daughter would like to join or would like more information on the 1st Matchborough Scout Group then please contact us